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> writes:
> >Lots of evil in attach log:
> >[Sun Jan  1 21:11:30 EST 2012] Mounting 
> >rpool/var/zones/search-1/rpool/export/home at /tmp/tmp.7kayqJ/export/home 
> >with ZFS temporary mount
> >cannot unmount '/tmp/tmp.7kayqJ/export/home': Device busy
> >cannot unmount '/tmp/tmp.7kayqJ/export': Device busy
> >rmdir: directory "/tmp/tmp.7kayqJ": Directory not empty
> Backgrounded processes performing IO in those directories?
> What is the purpose of these temporary mounts?

The attach process needs to cope with multiple different dataset layouts
that it can be fed.  See /usr/lib/brand/shared/README.dsconvert.

The zoneadm attach script mounts up the dataset hierarchy at a temporary
location to do any required conversion.  Obviously, since you just
detached the zone from this same host a few seconds earlier, you
probably don't need to check for the need to do the conversion.  This is
part of why I suggested that 'zoneadm attach -F' may be more appropriate
for your use.  It will assume everying is A-OK and mark the zone as

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