Dear ZooKeepers,

We recently integrated ZooKeeper into our Java project at work. This is a
very cool project... I feel like a kid with a new toy. After using the Java
API a little, I've begun to create some simple wrappers around the main
ZooKeeper object.

Specifically, I'm creating a simple Node design, that makes it simpler and
more convenient for me to do simple management of my ZooKeeper node state.
Just as a rough idea:

Node node = myZk.getNode(path);
  String data = node.getData();
  Collection<Node> children = node.getChildren();

I was wondering... am I re-inventing the wheel here (did I miss any existing
API like this)? Or if not, would the community have any interest if I wanted
to add this into the main project?

Many thanks in advance for any insights or guidance...

All the best,

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