Google is running their 'Summer of Code' again this year. For those
unfamiliar with it, SoC pays students a small stipend to contribute to an
open-source project. ZooKeeper could greatly benefit from participation -
there is always more work to do than the committers and contributors are
able to find time for.

The application process, both for mentoring organizations and students, is
described here:

Briefly, we need to put together a list of project ideas by this Friday. I'd
really like suggestions from the community for things they'd like students
to work on. Please be as specific as possible - and if you are willing to
mentor a project, so much the better! This is a great chance to get your
personal ZooKeeper issue addressed, if it turns out to be an interesting

There is a wiki page here: that requires that you
sign up to edit. Please post your project ideas up there - I've left one as
an example. You can also mail me directly and I'll post them myself. On
Friday I'll tidy up the page and send in an application to Google.


Henry Robinson
Software Engineer

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