It's that time again, thinking about the next release of ZK. From what I'm hearing people seem interested in improving client support (ZOOKEEPER-22 missed 3.3) and reducing some technical debt.

In particular I believe we should look at the following going forward. Of course ZooKeeper is open to submissions in that aren't on this list. If you have any suggestions please feel free to enter a JIRA, submit a patch, or comment on this thread.

3.4 (~3 months out)

* Netty - allow encryption btw servers (potentially clients too)
* Testing
  * mockito
* split out client tests, allow running against mocks as well as various versions of server
  * improve C client testing
* test container support
* split out zab? (might be useful as a library for third parties)

Feel free to respond to this email with any thoughts, suggestions, etc...



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