Gustavo Niemeyer wrote:
* Netty - allow encryption btw servers (potentially clients too)
Yes! Yes! Both server and client, please!  As we discussed, we want to
use ZooKeeper as a coordination service within a network which
shouldn't be *entirely* trusted, and this is a critical feature for
this reason.
I believe Ben's worked out most of the server-server comm changes, but there
are still many rough edges I planned to take up and work out. We'd need ppl
to test it. If it's something you'd want to use it would be in your best
interest to do so prior to the release. Client-Server support is a different
matter, we'd have to see how the server works out first re release timing.

Ok, understood.  Do you think the implementation of server-client
support would be relatively straightforward once server-server is in

Ben just mentioned to me that he's done the client side, not the server, and that the server should be easier than the client. We'll see. ;-) I'm trying to get him to submit a patch to JIRA now.


Depends if someone is interested enough to work on it. ;-) It's an
interesting project that's not too difficult however there hasn't been much
deep thinking on it yet to uncover all the potential difficulties.

I am interested, and depending on how things go, I do think this
feature would help the design of the system.  I'm pretty sure I won't
be able to put my own time on it, though.  My best bet is for someone
else from the community to take it over, or for us to find someone
which would be able to contribute more directly.

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