Hey Patrick,

> * Netty - allow encryption btw servers (potentially clients too)

Yes! Yes! Both server and client, please!  As we discussed, we want to
use ZooKeeper as a coordination service within a network which
shouldn't be *entirely* trusted, and this is a critical feature for
this reason.

My time is currently all taken by the project which will depend on
this feature, but I may be able to help with testing aspects of the
feature, and if I'm very lucky I may even be able to get someone else
on board on time for this release to contribute more directly.

> * Testing
>  * mockito
>  * split out client tests, allow running against mocks as well as various
> versions of server
>  * improve C client testing
> * test container support
> * split out zab? (might be useful as a library for third parties)

What is zab?

> Feel free to respond to this email with any thoughts, suggestions, etc...

Do you think there's any chance that the ephemeral parents that were
mentioned in another thread could see some attention within this

Gustavo Niemeyer

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