There's been some interest to see this in 3.2.0, which I think is a good idea. We'll be firming up 3.2 plans once 3.1 is out the door.

There's open JIRA on this btw:

Feel free to work on this if you'd like, we certainly see the benefit of this and would like to include in our releases.

The basic recipes are documented here:


Mahadev Konar wrote:
Hi Tom,
 IT does sound like a reasonable idea. If you want to go ahead and implement
one of those, we would be happy to help out and get it into Zookeeper. We
havent had the bandwidth to put in these recipes in Zookeeper code base.
Please go ahead and create a jira if you want to work on it.


On 1/16/09 6:54 AM, "Tom Nichols" <> wrote:


I was wondering if there were plans to create a set of standard
ZooKeeper primitives, sort of like commons-collections.  I figure it
would be mostly based off of the recipes on the ZK wiki, but it would
provide users with a slightly easier starting point, not to mention it
would be well-tested and prevent users avoid "re-inventing the wheel."
 Does this sound like a reasonable idea?


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