This is exactly what we want. ZooKeeper was designed to provide kind of a 
coordination micro-kernel. the idea is that all sorts of more specialized 
primitives can be built at the client, thus keeping the core server simple and 

unfortunately, the thing that is holding us back is the directory structure. in 
some sense it's pretty silly, but we need a nice way to organize the recipe 
specifications and implementations so that multiplatform implementations will 
be compatible and users can understand the semantics. See ZOOKEEPER-80. Once 
that gets fixed we have a lock recipe, keptset recipe, and there is a file 
monitoring library that is ready to go in.

the key to ZOOKEEPER-80 is to fix the structure and the build process.  if you 
have a flash inspiration on how to best implement ZOOKEEPER-80, we are all ears.

From: Tom Nichols []
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 6:54 AM
Subject: Standard redistributable set of primitives?


I was wondering if there were plans to create a set of standard
ZooKeeper primitives, sort of like commons-collections.  I figure it
would be mostly based off of the recipes on the ZK wiki, but it would
provide users with a slightly easier starting point, not to mention it
would be well-tested and prevent users avoid "re-inventing the wheel."
 Does this sound like a reasonable idea?


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