On Jun 9, 2010, at 4:21 PM, Patrick Hunt wrote:

> In particular you might look at GC/swapping on your clients, that's the most 
> common case we see for session expiration (apart from the obvious -- network 
> level connectivity failures). In one case I remember there was very heavy 
> network load for a period of time once per day, this was causing some issue 
> on the switches which would result in occassional session expiration, but 
> only during this short window. This was pretty hard to track down. Are you 
> monitoring network connectivity in general? Is it possible that temporary 
> network outages are causing this? Perhaps take a look at both your server and 
> client ZK logs, see if the client is seeing anything other than the session 
> expiration (is the client seeing session TIMED OUT for example, this happens 
> when the client doesn't hear back from the server, while session expiration 
> happens because the server doesn't hear from the client).

If I set my session timeout very high (1 minute) this shouldn't happen, right? 


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