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I ran last night with verbose GC on our client. I analyzed the GC log in 
gchisto and 99% of the GCs are 1 or 2 ms. The longest gc is 30 ms. On the 
Zookeeper server side, the longest gc is 130 ms. So, I submit, GC is not the 
problem. NOTE we're running on Amazon EC2. 


On Jun 9, 2010, at 11:36 AM, Jordan Zimmerman wrote:

> We have a test system using Zookeeper. There is a single Zookeeper server 
> node and 4 clients. There is very little activity in this system. After a 
> day's testing we start to see SessionExpiredException on the client. Things 
> I've tried:
> * Increasing the session timeout to 1 minute
> * Making sure all JVMs are running in a 100MB partition
> Any help debugging this problem would be appreciated. What kind of 
> diagnostics should can I add? Are there more config parameters that I should 
> try?
> -JZ

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