Florent Guillaume wrote at 2005-4-22 17:17 +0200:
>Chris Withers  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> ...
>> Yes we do! I really really really want to know if:
>> - I have a catalog entry that points to an object that no longer exists. 
>> This can ONLY happen due to a bug somewhere and needs to be fixed
>> - I have index corruption or other weirdness
>> - any of the above are happening, and be able to descriminate between them.
>> I honestly can thing of no sane justification for putting that None 
>> there. It's tantamount to a bare try except, and without even any logging.

I rarely agree with Chris -- but this time I do :-)

>Yes, logging should be there. I'll add a LOG at level WARNING somewhere,
>I'm not sure where (after all it's unrestrictedTraverse that does the

When something in the catalog tells you, there were an object
and the object is not locatable, then this is an ERROR
and not a WARNING -- because, you met a data inconsistency.
Data inconsistencies are serious enough to be classified as "ERROR".

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