Julien Anguenot wrote at 2005-6-20 11:19 +0200:
>Christian Heimes wrote:
> ...
>> I'm proposing to change PortalFolder in the following way:
>>  * Revert PortalFolder to be subclassed from Folder
>>  * Create an OrederedPortalFolder as subclass from OrderedFolder
>>  * Subclass all classes in CMF from OrderedPortalFolder instead of
>> PortalFolder
>> All third party software that was working with CMF 1.4 and older would
>> work as expected and all CMF core software would still use the ordered
>> folder. The downside is that software written for CMF 1.5 has to be
>> altered. But it is much easier to alter a few lines in some products
>> than trying to get rid of the ordered stuff in PortalFolder.
>- -1. You can change the code of your product to cope with it. (i.e : we
>did this on CPS a long time ago)

I, on the contrary, am in favour of such a change.

"CMFBTreeFolder" demonstrates that there is a useful use
case for a "PortalFolder" *without* order support.

*AT LEAST*, there should be a "PortalFolder" base class
without order support (which might have a different name).

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