yuppie wrote at 2005-6-20 11:56 +0200:
> ...
>PortalFolder is not just a base class, it's *the* folder class used in 
>CMFDefault. Subclasses can mix in OrderSupport, but that has no effect 
>on PortalFolder instances.

Maybe, we should change this:

  "PortalFolder" is not part of "CMFDefault" but of "CMFCore".
  Its name suggests it as the base class for all portal folders.

  "CMFBTreeFolder" provides a convincing use case that
  some portal folders should *not* have order support.

> ...
>I'm open for any proposal that adds a *new* base class for CMF folders.

If we do not want to use "PortalFolder" as the base class
for all portal folders (which I would prefer),
we might introduce a new "PortalFolderBase" for precisely this

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