If we have a go for the beta I suggest cutting the tag and publishing the release tomorrow morning, about 9am british time. That way zope.org won't have traffic from the Americas, making it marginally more responsive ;)

Great, thanks! I am planning to release Plone 2.1 final in 2 weeks. Would be convenient to have CMF 1.5.3 final by then.

Yes, if we can keep the beta cycle short and the changeset manageable. With everyone helping out testing the changed bits that came in since 1.5.2 and no big isssues arising a single beta can be sufficient.

I'm here, I'm here <jumps up and down>.

If you'd dis Plone a little less I am sure more of us would chime in more often ;-)

Don't tell me you're scared of certain peoples' personal opinion... :P


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