Hi Geoff!

Geoff Davis wrote:
I have checked my CachingPolicyManager improvements into the
geoffd-cachingpolicymanager-branch.  Enjoy!


Some feedback regard formal aspects:

- Please make sure your checkins show up on the CMF-checkins list. Don't know if Tres can fix that for you or if you've got to register for that list.

- Please don't forget to set svn:eol-style and svn:keywords Id for new files.

- Tests are easier to find and maintain if they are located in test_<module_name>.py. Most CMF tests follow that pattern.

PS  Those of you who raised concerns about ZopeTestCase causing test
problems in Zope 2.7 might want to take a look at why test_z3interfaces is
broken when you run the tests with zopectl test.

1.) Why "those of you who raised concerns about ZopeTestCase"?

2.) Please note that I raised concerns about using PortalTestCase.

3.) Please be more specific. I can't reproduce any problems with test_z3interfaces.



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