Victor Safronovich wrote at 2005-10-11 14:04 +0600:
>  I have a question about DCWorkflow, WorkflowTool and Acqusition.
>  My  object,  during  change  state,  move  to  another folder and should 
> change
>  acqusition wrapper.
>  workflow_tool = getToolByName( my_object, 'portal_workflow')
>  workflow_tool.doActionFor( my_object, 'some_action' )
>  # during doActionFor raised ObjectMoved but i don`t know about that in here
>  # because WorkflowTool._invokeWithNotification shallow it.

But it returns what "objectMoved.getResult()" returns.

   You can use this to communicate with the "doActionFor" caller.

The much more reliable way however is to perform
the necessary unindexing and recataloging inside the action
itself (and not let this as task of the caller).

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