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...will net you a TypeError explaining that getActionInfo takes a argument that isn't supplied. Looking at the docs, an action_chain, but I have no idea what one of them is...

'action_chain' is a sequence of 'action paths'.

Does supplying a chain return the first action info that matches or the first or all of the ones that match?

'action paths' are the unique identifiers of Actions. 'view' doesn't identify an Action because there might be 'object/view' and 'foo/view'. 'action paths' have the format <category>/<id>.

Ah, okay, so what does getActionById('view'), in its deprecated form, actually do?

My current guess is to what SHOULD be used is:


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
"Products/CMFCore/ActionProviderBase.py", line 128, in getActionInfo
    raise AccessControl_Unauthorized('You are not allowed to access any '
AccessControl.unauthorized.Unauthorized: You are not allowed to access any
of the specified Actions.

...but as you can see, that's not too successful :-(
The above was from a 'zopectl debug' prompt, what am I doing wrong?

But please note: The whole PloneGenerator class is nasty code and I'm in the process of removing its base class PortalGenerator from the CMF trunk. PloneGenerator will no longer work with the trunk / CMF 2.0.

Yeah, I know, but don't care, I just want this garbage to STFU until we can replace it with something better ;-)



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