Hi Florent!

Florent Guillaume wrote:
I don't want to start another flamewar, but can I bump down the log levels of CMF's exportimports a bit ?
INFO is too much.

The currently used log levels are provisional, I agree that we should change at least most of them.


I can add a blather method in GenericSetup.context.Logger.

Some thoughts:

1.) It would be nice to have a policy for Zope. If the Zope core officially supports the BLATHER level (not just in the deprecated zLOG module) I'm fine with using it in GenericSetup as well.

2.) So far IWriteLogger just defines methods that are also used by the python logging Logger. If we add a blather method we can no longer use the python logger as a replacement.

3.) I don't think all messages should have the same logging level. E.g. if there are problems that will cause broken setups WARNING might be appropriate. Messages that report the success of export steps are a candidate for DEBUG.



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