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The only thing that bothers me is the lack of local skin customisations. Does that mean that there is *no* way to e.g. overide document_view.pt or whatever else? Or just no TTW way? In fact, I'm -1 on releasing with either limitation, but I think having no way of doing local skin customisations is a major drawback, and would be show-stopper as far as I'm concerned. At least in the Plone sphere, skin customisations is generally the first thing people do, and one of the things that make them like the stack - how easy it is to make UI-level changes (which is all a lot of people want to do). Do I have to make a package, with new content type and a pile of ZCML just because I want my Description to be at the bottom rather than the top of my Document view? That's a fairly drastic reduction in functionality and friendliness for the average Joe, don't you think?

I agree with your concerns. Views and the FiveActionsTool both use Five/Zope3 technology for the price of dropping TTW/GenericSetup support and introducing a second way to do the same things.

While I didn't vote for including the FiveActionsTool into the CMF core I support the effort to move to views. But we are not there yet and I doubt we'll have view based skins in CMF 2.0 that can fully replace the old CMF skins.

The TTW features are a strength of the CMF. The fact that Tres and Phillip plan to sprint on local skin customization for CMF 2.1 is good news. As I already said in an other mail I would not enable views by default in CMF 2.0. For now I consider them an experimental feature of the CMF that advanced users can enable if they want. As soon as customization and other issues are resolved views should replace the old skins machinery.



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