On 1/12/06, Martin Aspeli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Do I have to make a package, with new content
> type and a pile of ZCML just because I want my Description to be at the
> bottom rather than the top of my Document view?

One zcml statement is not exactly "a pile". :)

> That's a fairly drastic
> reduction in functionality and friendliness for the average Joe, don't you
> think?

No, I don't really. Sure, the current way of "press customize and
change" is very easy, *if* you understand HTML, and TAL and CMF. But
understanding HTML, TAL  and CMF is not what I would call being
friendly to the average joe. ;)

For the type of functionality you are discussing, I think there are
two paths you can take that are truly user friendly.

One is CPSSkins, where you in practice has a dedicated WYSIWYG editor
for changing the layouts and CSS of a site. It can be argued that
CPSSkins is too complex as it is now, and not very user friendly, but
it requires zero knowledge of either HTML or TAL.

The other way is the expert way, where you use HTML editors, or even
just text editors to directly edit the template code. If you are
capable of doing that, then surely you are capable of typing <page
for="IWhatevah" template="thefile.pt" /> in overrides.zcml?

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