Rocky Burt wrote:
> There is some logic regarding getting products-less python packages to
> work as first class zope 2 products in a Five branch right now (once its
> finished, its planned to be integrated into trunk for the Five 1.4 release).
> Hopefully this means Five 1.4 and CMF 1.6 will have the required changes
>  upon launch.  But this means it will only support Zope 2.9.  I've had
> interest expressed in getting this backported so that it runs on Zope
> 2.8 as well.  Particularly since it would help the adoption of such
> python-package-products happen *now* rather than 6-12 months from now.
> So what I would like to do is:
>   1) work on the latest version of Five supported on Zope 2.8 (Five 1.2
> svn branch) and provide the required functionality there


In an earlier thread I argued that this modified version of Five 1.2
should perhaps get a new name to indicate the additional feature. Do you
all think that this would be feasible, or should we just go on with
1.2.1? If we give it a new name, the question is obviously which. 1.3 is
already taken so we need some sort of suffix (a letter perhaps).
Suggestions are welcome :).

>   2) work on the latest version of CMFonFive supported on Zope 2.8
> (CMFonFive 1.2 svn branch) and provide a monkey patch for CMF 1.5 there.

Why do we need to support CMF 1.5? CMF 1.6 works on Zope 2.8. The whole
CMFonFive version dance confuses the heck out of me, we should try to
keep things simple.

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