On 15 Jan 2006, at 07:18, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
  2) work on the latest version of CMFonFive supported on Zope 2.8
(CMFonFive 1.2 svn branch) and provide a monkey patch for CMF 1.5 there.

Why do we need to support CMF 1.5? CMF 1.6 works on Zope 2.8. The whole
CMFonFive version dance confuses the heck out of me, we should try to
keep things simple.

That use case isn't very clear to me, either. CMF 1.5 is supported in general, but is there a need to continue supporting CMFonFive for it? The next Plone version will use CMF 1.6, so the only reason for continued support in general is bug fixing for existing users.


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