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Lennart Regebro wrote:
On 3/23/06, yuppie <y.2006_-E2EsyBC0hj3+aS/[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
- mapping 'style_slot' to 'css_slot' is an obvious bug, that change
should be reverted

Why is it a bug? That's not obvious to me at all. Both slots are for
putting style sheets in...

Because 'css_slot' never existed in CMF, it's even gone in CPS. Using nonexistent slots doesn't raise errors so it might not be that obvious, but the content of 'style_slot' gets lost if it is mapped to 'css_slot'.

4.) Change the browser view templates to use 'main' instead of 'body'
(that no longer maps to 'main').

Well, they *do* use body so we can't change that.

I meant the browser view templates in CMFDefault. They currently use 'header' and 'body', that will no longer work after the change. The alternative would be to move the 'header' content into the 'body' slot. But I thought the whole point of replacing the old five_template by the one from CMFonFive was to use the old CMF specific slots for CMF specific views.



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