On 3/26/06, yuppie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Strange, works for me here and now. I use style_slot in my templates
> > for CalZope, and they work fine in CPS 3.4.
> Yes. That is strange. You were lobbying for replacing the old CMF
> five_template by the CMFonFive five_template and after it was added to
> CMF 2.0 you removed it from CMFonFive 1.3.

Right, because the one that was in CMF had bugs and to few slots.

> Now you wonder why CalZope works with CPS 3.4. It's because CPS 3.4 uses
> the old CMF five_template from CMF 1.6, not the broken CMFonFive
> template that was added to CMF 2.0.

The replacement I did was done not only in 20 but also the current
branch of CMF which probably was 1.5, then. Otherwise I would not have
been able to remove it from CMFonFive, as I use CMFonFive with 1.5 and
1.6, not with 2.0. In fact, I think the idea was to not have any
CMFonFive with 2.0 at all.

> My question is now: Do we really need the CMF-specific slots in the
> five_template?

There is no CMF specific slots in five_template, or at least, there
were none until yesterday.

> Or can we switch back to the old CMF five_template that
> seems to work fine for CalZope and CPS 3.4?

No, because it didn't work, which is why I replaced it.

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