maybe i'm missing something fundamental, but i'm having trouble figuring out how i'm supposed to apply extension profiles to my site. the intended mechanism is clear enough; set the active configuration to be the desired profile and then execute runAllImportSteps on the setup tool. the apparent fuzziness of the boundary between the base profile and the extension profiles seem to be getting in my way, however.

my base profile is a default Plone site, which does a bunch of configuration and adds a few pieces of content using the "structure" folder mechanism that is supported by CMFCore's StructureFolderWalkingAdapter. this works w/o problem. then i specify an extension profile to be the active configuration and again runAllImportSteps. the content is purged by default, which seems odd, and it is not recreated b/c the StructureFolderWalkingAdapter is now looking for a 'structure' folder in the extension profile, which is the wrong place.

i see three possible ways around this, which i'll list in order from my least to most preferred:

- we could have extension profiles not purge any content by default. it seems strange that they do. perhaps this is supposed to be the case already, and either it's just not happening or there's something i've missed within my setup that is causing it to not be the case.

- allow extension profiles to specify which of the base profile's import steps they depend on, so that only these can be run, instead of the current situation where, AFAICT, you have to either run them all or manually examine the profile and select the steps to run

- draw a more clear distinction between the base profile and the extension profiles. instead of having the extension profiles piggy-backing on the base profile, extension profiles would explicitly define all of their own import steps, so that they can be applied cleanly on top of existing sites w/o becoming quite so muddled w/ the default configuration. this would also make it easier to implement an uninstall process that would remove the extension profile from the site.

again, it's possible i'm missing something about the way this is supposed to be working. are these ideas sensible at all?


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