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On 29 Mar 2006, at 08:25, Rob Miller wrote:
my base profile is a default Plone site, which does a bunch of configuration and adds a few pieces of content using the "structure" folder mechanism that is supported by CMFCore's StructureFolderWalkingAdapter. this works w/o problem. then i specify an extension profile to be the active configuration and again runAllImportSteps. the content is purged by default, which seems odd, and it is not recreated b/c the StructureFolderWalkingAdapter is now looking for a 'structure' folder in the extension profile, which is the wrong place.

There's a bug filed already:

ah, thanks.

I have asked Tres to look at it since he did most of the content-related stuff but haven't heard from him. If you know a solution, by all means, go for it.

okay, i've got an implementation locally that will only remove content if the content is something that will be recreated by the current import step. the current behaviour is catastrophic; it removes all content from the site root down unless it is explicitly marked as 'preserved' by the currently active configuration!

this changes some unit test results, and i need to write another test or two, but it's time for bed. if this seems a reasonable approach i'll finish it up and commit the changes on trunk and 1.6 branch.


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