Rob Miller wrote:
Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
There's a bug filed already:

I have asked Tres to look at it since he did most of the content-related stuff but haven't heard from him. If you know a solution, by all means, go for it.

okay, i've got an implementation locally that will only remove content if the content is something that will be recreated by the current import step. the current behaviour is catastrophic; it removes all content from the site root down unless it is explicitly marked as 'preserved' by the currently active configuration!

i've committed this on the 1.6 branch. this is a pretty significant change in behaviour. before, a reimport would delete EVERYTHING that was not explicitly protected by the ".preserve" file of the currently active profile. now, content will _only_ be deleted if it is in the "structure" hierarchy so that it will be recreated. this means that removing something from the structure folder and rerunning the import step will NOT remove content, you'll have to do so by hand.

i think this is preferable to the other approach, because it was far too easy to have everything in your site wiped out; i think content deletion should be treated very conservatively. since this is a behavioural change, though, i'd like to get some feedback to make sure this works for folks before moving further. can anyone else who cares about this take a look at what i've done and let me know if that works for you? if this works for everyone, i'll merge it into the 2.0 branch and the trunk.



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