Hi Jens,

CMF 2.0.0 is now out the door and I have made some updates to the roadmap document. Please take a look and give me some feedback on the dates (well, the only dates we have set are the dates for CMF 2.1) and the description of 2.1:


The roadmap feels largely on track. Some of the stories we're still trying to get straight in Plone are:

- We'd like to use Five views wholesale, but we can't stop people from doing local customisations. The way we solve that now is to register view classes without templates and then acquire them:

 tal:define="view context/@@plone_view"

And leave page templates in portal_skins as usual. I would personally settle for a mechanism by which we could use views with page templates associated, but where the *page template* could be customised TTW. If someone needed additional logic, they would either have to fall back on python: expressions or old-fashioned scripts, or make a new view to override the existing one - the most important use case is the "tinkerer" who just wants to fiddle some basic HTML or TAL to get Plone (or CMF) to look the way he wants.

- We'd like to investigate the possibility of using Zope 3 schemas to create content types. I haven't had time to go in a detail yet, but Alec Mitchell already did some of this in 'listen' by deriving from PortalType and manually constructing an FTI. If more of the FTI mechanisms and the context-dependent things like the "add" menu (which is of course constructed by portal_types) could be implemented with more general adapters, I think we may be able to make the glue between CMF content types and Zope 3 content types thinner.

- Content import/export via things like ContentSetup, would be very useful to standardise. There are currently a few efforts, like Marshall, xmlio and XMLForrest (which I believe form a stack, with XMLForrest being the most usable one). However, these things are dependent on Archetypes as far as I understand. If CMF land and Zope 3 land have ideas for content import/export it makes sense to consolidate these.

Thanks again - we look forward to integrating with CMF 2 :-)



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