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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
CMF 2.0.0 is now out the door and I have made some updates to the roadmap document. Please take a look and give me some feedback on the dates (well, the only dates we have set are the dates for CMF 2.1) and the description of 2.1:


The roadmap doesn't specify the status of the mentioned changes. I quote the CMF 2.1 section here to add my comments and questions:

Adding missing pieces to the Zope 3 integration puzzle which could not make it 
into the 2.0 release for time reasons will be the main objective for CMF 2.1. 
At this point the following items are planned to land in CMF 2.1:

    * Local skin customization (take an item from the skins tool and customize 
it for a particular CMF site instance)

Is anybody working on this? AFAICS everybody agrees we need a solution for this, but so far we don't even have a rough proposal.

    * Release CMF as Eggs

The related work is on the tseaver-pkg_resources branch, right? What's the status of that branch?

    * convert all views over to Zope 3-style views

I think we can go on converting views step by step using the patterns used in CMF 2.0. These patterns make it relatively easy to convert the existing skin methods in a traceable way.

But the resulting views are far from perfect. Before we can make them the default views they need a lot of refactoring. I plan to have a look at formlib and viewlets to find out what we can reuse in CMF.

    * Make the new Zope 3-style views the standard views

This depends on 'Local skin customization' and 'convert all views'.

    * Use of Zope 3-style container events throughout, removal of all manage_* 

Is this already implemented on the tseaver-catalog_events branch or is more work necessary than merging that branch?



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