Tres Seaver wrote:
Paul Winkler wrote:

I saw Philip W. do a working prototype of this at the PyCon Dallas

I don't know if anything happened with this after PyCon,
and it would need at least some UI work.
If the UI is to integrate with the CMF skins tool, I suspect there will
need to be a thin layer of CMF-specific UI written as well.  IIRC,
Philip's prototype just dumped the templates into the Zope root, or
maybe into the current folder, I forget.

I believe the work which Philipp and I did at PyCon will land for Zope
2.10 / Five 1.4.  Until then, we don't have any story for view
customization:  sites which depend on such customization will need to
continue using the skins.

Once that work lands, we should be able to integrate the UI from the
prototype, which shows the template-driven views for a given object, and
allows creation of a new templatee in the nearest "site", shadowing the
global view.

Are you talking about the 'zpt customization prototype' that won't be ready in time for Five 1.5/Zope 2.10 according to the log message for

I'm not happy with limiting TTW customizations to zpt customizations. That will force people to add their custom logic to the templates. The goal of views was to move in the opposite direction.

But I have no time to work on something better.

Cheers, Yuppie

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