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Adding missing pieces to the Zope 3 integration puzzle which could not make it into the 2.0 release for time reasons will be the main objective for CMF 2.1. At this point the following items are planned to land in CMF 2.1: * Local skin customization (take an item from the skins tool and customize it for a particular CMF site instance)

Is anybody working on this? AFAICS everybody agrees we need a solution for this, but so far we don't even have a rough proposal.

It was my impression (please correct me if I am wrong) that this is a Zope 3/Five issue rather than something we solve in CMF. And that there are people working on it, but I'm not sure who and how far it has progressed.

    * Release CMF as Eggs

The related work is on the tseaver-pkg_resources branch, right? What's the status of that branch?

Tres will probably know.

    * convert all views over to Zope 3-style views

I think we can go on converting views step by step using the patterns used in CMF 2.0. These patterns make it relatively easy to convert the existing skin methods in a traceable way.

But the resulting views are far from perfect. Before we can make them the default views they need a lot of refactoring. I plan to have a look at formlib and viewlets to find out what we can reuse in CMF.

    * Make the new Zope 3-style views the standard views

This depends on 'Local skin customization' and 'convert all views'.

Yes, absolutely.

* Use of Zope 3-style container events throughout, removal of all manage_* methods.

Is this already implemented on the tseaver-catalog_events branch or is more work necessary than merging that branch?

I sent an email about this a couple days ago. Basically, I'm down to one failing unit test in CMFUid and have discovered that CMFUid is basically broken in 2.0/trunk. I also sent an email on this issue to the list, hoping that the developers who wrote CMFUid and lobbied hard to get it included would take notice and do something about it (or at least acknowledge it), but all I see is silence so far.

I am a little upset because I had hoped the original developers would continue maintaining it (or at least help maintaining it), but I'm not so sure anymore. It seems CMFUid is now the least-maintained package we have, and the fact that no one even noticed the complete breakage (which the unit tests do not reveal) seems to imply no one uses it and no one cares. I certainly never came across many people who use it.

I will, grudgingly, spend a little more time trying to unwedge it for 2.0/trunk, hoping that will help me solve the last failing unittest on the tseaver-catalog_events branch. However, the going is a bit hard because I don't know the code at all.


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