Martin Aspeli wrote:

I realise this isn't entirely kosher (and that yuppie has much better
long-term ideas), but I am wondering if it's possible to invoke some
GenericSetup handler code during a more traditional Extensions/

This is purely for convenience - but if I need a more traditional product
install (with a UI for uninstall and so on), I can use CMFQuickInstaller or
external methods. However, doing things like FTIs and workflow definitions
with GS XML syntax is way more convenient and maintainable.

Is there some way I could invoke a handler explicitly, e.g. say "run the
workflow installation handler on this particular XML file from my product
only"? Or do handlers have pre-requisites of context and/or side-effects
that make them usable only within the context of a GS import run?

maybe i'm missing something, but is there a reason why you wouldn't want to simply make your profile active and then import specific steps programmatically from within your install method, rather than invoking the import adapters manually?


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