Rob Miller wrote:

maybe i'm missing something, but is there a reason why you wouldn't want to simply make your profile active and then import specific steps programmatically from within your install method, rather than invoking the import adapters manually?

Because in this case I wouldn't want to use extension profiles. :)

Basically, the use case would be that (a) I hate doing workflows by python, but (b) I need to have a traditional quickinstaller-installable product. That is, one that can be easily uninstalled and one which is made available in Plone's "Add/Remove Products" configlet.

Thus, I was hoping to be able to re-use the syntax and import logic from GS without using the actual profile mechanism.

I took a look at the tests yuppie suggested, but I'm a bit lost still - there's a lot of base classes and roundabouts there, and I get confused about the level of abstraction I'm looking at - XML bodies and elements, properties and objects. I had to put it on ice whilst doing other things for a while, but I'd like to revisit as soon as I can. If anyone has a more complete and concise code example for this use case, please let me know.


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