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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
Using just the ActionsTool right now in order to get that all set up and then move to the other tools, I've gotten almost always there, but there is one set of tests that refuse to run right now, the ones in CMFCore.exportimport.tests.test_actions which derive from class _ActionSetup.

Here's the change I have made in the actions importer code so far:


I've spent several hours and can't make those tests work. Anyone have a hint for me?

Looking at the diffs doesn't give me any clue, but obviously *something* is set up wrong. Two remarks:

- The test fixture for the exportimport tests is quite old-fashioned. I was not able to change them together with the other tests because they depend on base classes in GenericSetup. Since the GenericSetup trunk is now opened for new development, these tests should be modernized as well. It might be easier to do that first instead of trying to fix the old test setup.

- It might be easier to help you if you would check in your CMF changes on a branch.

I did not want to step on your toes, so I planned to modernize the exportimport tests *after* you are done with your local utilities changes. But I can make this high priority if it should be done *before* you finish your changes.

I propose

1.) I refactor the exportimport tests in GenericSetup trunk and CMF trunk using layers.

2.) You merge those changes into your CMF sandbox and check it in on a branch.

3.) We work together on the remaining issues on that branch.

4.) When the issues are resolved, you merge the changes into the trunk.

Does that make sense?



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