Hi Jens, all.

Why did you pick exactly the two weeks where I'm on vacation without an
Internet connection to do this?

Anyways by reading through the mailing list it seems you have figured it
all out by now ;)

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> I have to run off right now, but a quick look over GSLocalAddons
> suggests it should be part of the main CMF Default GS profile, and doing
> it with GenericSetup certainly is the way to go. Why did Hanno not put
> it into the CMF base profile right from the start, dangit!

At the time I wrote this it was kind of experimental and I didn't know
if I could make it work. So I put it in an add-on with the clear
intention to merge it back into GenericSetup once it was reasonably
stable and working. Thx for taking over that part :)

The dumb but simple reason why I didn't start folding this back in
myself is that (besides the usual lack of time) I don't have commit
rights on svn.zope.org.

As I'm quite lazy could anybody point me to the current process of
getting those or tell me what I have to do?


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