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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> On 27 Nov 2006, at 11:53, yuppie wrote:
>>>> Stefan,
>>>> I don't think this is a legitimate switch:  GS 1.2 is *much*  
>>>> later, in
>>>> terms of release management, than CMF 1.6, and introduces new  
>>>> features.
>>> Currently GenericSetup 1.2 is the only version with a maintenance  
>>> branch. CMF-1.6.1-final was tagged *after* GenericSetup 1.1, so an  
>>> additional 1.1 maintenance branch would not help us. Therefore  
>>> using GenericSetup 1.2 in CMF 1.6 might be the best solution.

But CMF 1.6.0 was released before 1.1, even::

 $ svn propget svn:externals $ZSVN/CMF/tags/1.6.0
 GenericSetup svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/GenericSetup/tags/1.1-beta

We shouldn't move the 1.6 release line to a newer GenericSetup release,
at least without a really good reason.

>>> What I really don't like are externals that point to the *HEAD* of  
>>> a branch. Instead of moving targets we should use revision numbers.  
>>> (It might make sense to make an exception for CMF trunk.)
> I'm happy with any policy that we can agree on. Right now there's  
> none, and that leads to confusion.
> I'd suggest a policy where a CMF maintenance branch points to the  
> head of a GS maintenance branch, and when a CMF version is tagged its  
> external is "frozen" at that particluar SVN revision for GS. There's  
> no need to make a GS tag for a CMF release I think.

I think we should be *trying* to keep the CMF pointed at released
versions of GS, and should definitely delay making CMF releases until we
can tie them to a tagged release of GS.  Dependencies which are released
separately need to be managed with more care.

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