We use CMF 1.6 branch with GS 1.2 branch in Plone 2.5. This, and itchy fingers, made me update the external.

FWIW, when I check out CMF/tags/1.6.2 I expect to get a GS tag as well. When I check out CMF/branches/1.6 I expect to get the HEADs of the respective development branches.

Another benefit would be that nightly tests also use branch HEADs, catching discrepancies early on. We use this policy in Plone-world to general satisfaction.


On 27. Nov 2006, at 15:08, yuppie wrote:

I'm fine with requiring tagged GS releases for CMF *releases*. But sometimes it is useful to link unreleased CMF branches to unreleased GenericSetup versions. This helps to avoid problems caused by stitching in new versions right before a release.

It doesn't necessarily do it in chronological order, though.
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