Dieter Maurer wrote:
Alec Mitchell wrote at 2007-4-12 06:59 -0700:
... deprecation of "getToolByName" ...
which is that there's no practical reason other than
aesthetics to deprecate getToolByName at this point.

A very good point: let's deprecate deprecations done just for
aethetical reasons :-)

Aesthetics were not the original reason for moving down this route, so it's a little unfair to cast it in that light. The main drivers, as I recall, were to encourage API usage that would allow us to move tools out of content space eventually, and to make code depending on CMF tools more consistent with "newer" code which may depend on new utilities (at least in the Plone world, there is a general consensus that we'd rather not have any more content-space tools from now on).


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