Am 23.06.2007 um 11:18 schrieb Alexander Limi:

Not so:

- EffectiveDate returns a *string* 'None' when it has no value (wtf?)

What would you rather have? An attribute error?

This is the implementation from CMFDefault.DublinCore

    def EffectiveDate( self, zone=None ):
        """ Dublin Core Date element - date resource becomes effective.
        if zone is None:
            zone = _zone
        ed = getattr( self, 'effective_date', None )
        return ed and ed.toZone(zone).ISO() or 'None'

    def ModificationDate( self, zone=None ):
        """ Dublin Core Date element - date resource last modified.
        if zone is None:
            zone = _zone
        return self.modified().toZone(zone).ISO()

If you wish to overwrite this in your content types then fine but I think returning 'None' as a string is a correct because ModificationDate also returns a string. If you wish to compare the values you need to access context.effective and context_modified

<tal:test tal:condition="python: context.effective() < context.modified()" />

Not that I don't think some of this stuff couldn't be cleaned up: you have to convert any of these dates back into objects to internationalise them in templates!


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