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What would you rather have? An attribute error?

No, I want a boolean false value.

 If you wish to compare the values you need to
access context.effective and context_modified

<tal:test tal:condition="python: context.effective() < context.modified()" />

I already stated that this won't work, it returns __FLOOR_DATE, which makes it useless for boolean operations:

    def effective( self ):
        """ Dublin Core Date element - date resource becomes effective.
        marker = []
        date = getattr( self, 'effective_date', marker )
        if date is marker:
            date = getattr( self, 'creation_date', None )
        return date is None and self.__FLOOR_DATE or date

I'd like this one to return False, not some floor value. I understand that the official CamelCase accessors always return strings (which is fine), but I don't see why "effective()" can't give a False value. Is this just historical, or is there a real reason for it?

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