Maurits van Rees wrote:
Rob Miller, on 2007-06-25:
all of the steps for a profile will be loaded into the setup tool
the first time you run any of the steps for that profile.  what's
missing is the option of loading all of the steps from a profile
WITHOUT actually running them, so that you could run only the
importVarious from your profile before running any of the other
ones.  i imagine a 'load import steps' button on the profile page,
next to the 'import' button.

The patch I linked to ( does that.

Well, the button is labelled "Register Selected Extensions" there.

great! i haven't been able to look at your code yet, probably won't until wednesday at the earliest, sorry. :-(.

i like the file check, myself.  my second choice would be checking
the active profile by profile id.  the path check you're using would
be my third choice.  but it's better than nothing.

I am using the file check now.

Hm, I just selected my importVarious step and ran that step with its
dependencies, but I did that with the base (Plone) profile.  This step
has three dependencies.  These dependencies are imported (but with the
xml files from Plone as their data) and then the importVarious step
itself exits early because of the check I added:

INFO GenericSetup.propertiestool Properties tool imported.
INFO GenericSetup.catalog Catalog imported.
INFO GenericSetup.workflow Workflow tool imported.
INFO GenericSetup.eXtremeManagement Nothing to import: not in eXtremeManagement 

So the dependencies are run, but then the code in the depending step
realizes it does not actually need to run itself, so running the
dependencies was not really needed.  I understand what is happening,
but it sounds a bit wrong to me.
i agree that it's awkward, but it is actually the right behaviour.
ideally the profile check would happen before the dependencies are run.

On the other hand: this only happens when you have manually selected
an import step that the selected profile does not have a file to
import for.  So then it is the user's own mistake.  Ideally, the user
would not make a mistake. ;-)

users making mistakes?  never...


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