Hanno Schlichting wrote:
yuppie wrote:
Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Previously yuppie wrote:
MembershipTool depends on acl_users

MemberDataTool, RegistrationTool, DiscussionTool and
CachingPolicyManager depend on MembershipTool

From what I can see in the Plone tests it won't be possible in any sane
way to let the user related tools to be utilities. At least for CMF 2.1
I think an approach trying to distinguish between safe and unsafe
methods is too risky and we should move those back to pure tools.

Ok. I'll revert the tools-as-utilities changes for these tools as well. Should be finished this evening.

So far I tried to decide which tool depends on self.REQUEST and which
not. Maybe we need a more fine grained approach:

MembershipTool doesn't depend on all methods of acl_users, not all user
folder methods depend on self.REQUEST. IStandardUserFolder has not all
the methods, but an interface that adds _doAddUser(), getUserById()
and userFolderDelUsers() should be sufficient. Maybe that set of methods
specified by a user folder utility interface doesn't depend on

If that doesn't work, we can try the same with the MembershipTool: If
not all methods of IMembershipTool work without self.REQUEST, we still
can use a subset IMembershipUtility.

I would suggest we try this approach on the CMF trunk but revert to
tools-only for those tools for CMF 2.1.

We can discuss the roadmap for converting tools to utilities later. At the moment I just want to make sure five.lsm can be tested extensively and declared 'ready for production'.



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