Previously yuppie wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> >Previously yuppie wrote:
> >>- figure out if we can make acl_users an utility
> >
> >User folders, or their plugins, seem to have a tendency to rely on
> >self.REQUEST so that is probably not going to work. 
> :(
> MembershipTool depends on acl_users
> MemberDataTool, RegistrationTool, DiscussionTool and 
> CachingPolicyManager depend on MembershipTool

I did a very quick grep over my plone 3.0 tree:

* GroupUserFolder uses self.REQUEST in listUsersAndRoles

* The PAS CookieHandler uses self.REQUEST in its login method

* PlonePAS uses self.REQUEST in its credentialsChanged method. The
  PlonePAS memberdata and grouptool use self.REQUEST._hold in their
  wrap methods.

We would also have to audit all PAS plugins.


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