Hi Hanno!

Hanno Schlichting wrote:
Starting any Plone tests will give an AttributeError on self.adapters in
the subscribers method of zope.component.registry.

The registry is actually the one from five.lsm and is found via the
zope.app.component.hooks.SiteInfo container. In there it is available as
the sm property, but it indeed at that point lacks the adapters
attribute. It looks like _init_registries is never called. But when I
overwrite the set method on SiteInfo every time a new sm is set, it has
the right adapters.

Strange. five.lsm is just messing around with 'utilities', not with 'adapters'. 'adapters' should work exactly the same way as in a pure z3 site manager.

Can't see how the latest five.lsm changes could cause that problem.

I didn't have time to test this properly but maybe this gives somebody
else an idea who wants to look at it...

What's your testing environment?

uses r76995 of CMF and
uses five.localsitemanager/trunk

I expect you can get Plone running with CMF 2.1 branch HEAD and the old five.lsm, but not with the five.lsm trunk and r76995 of CMF.

Are you using a KSS version without monkey patch?



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