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yuppie wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>> Previously yuppie wrote:
>>> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>>>> Previously yuppie wrote:
>>>>> Running the trunk unit tests triggers warnings like this one:
>>>>> "UserWarning: Version for profile Products.GenericSetup:default taken 
>>>> >from version.txt. This is deprecated behaviour: please specify the 
>>>>> version in metadata.xml."
>>>>> I like the fact that using version.txt for the profile version is 
>>>>> deprecated. But you now get always a deprecation warning if no 
>>>>> metadata.xml exists in the profile. Is that intended? Is specifying a 
>>>>> version now required?
>>>> It isn't required - it is fine if a profile has no version. What I did
>>>> is add a deprecation warning when the profile metadata did not specify
>>>> a version and the version was read from a version.txt file. If you have
>>>> no version.txt you will not see the deprecation warning.
>>> But if you *have* a version.txt file the only way to get rid of the 
>>> deprecation warnings is to add a version in metadata.xml. Right? That's 
>>> annoying because there is nothing wrong about having a version.txt file 
>>> and no metadata.xml file.
>> Indeed, and I agree it is annoying. We should make a decision on when we
>> will remove that version.txt fallback logic and add that to the
>> deprecation warning.
> In most cases this deprecation warning is false alarm because the 
> deprecated behavior is not really used. A note in CHANGES.txt might be 
> more useful than this deprecation warning.

I've checked in changes which make this warning go away when running
tests, through a combination of 'warnings.fiterwarnings' and adding a
version to a metwadata.xml file.

There is another warning which shows up, due to the presence of the
'version' parameter when invoking import step registry.  I believe that
this deprecation is done in error, because removing all the 'version'
arguments causes tests to fail: if the version argument matters, in
which case we can't deprecate it.

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