Laurence Rowe wrote:
I have made the changes on a branch:

This is branched from 2.1 so I could test with Plone. There is no test coverage for status or history yet. I'll add some if the approach meets with approval.


Comments appreciated, specifically on:

* I currently adapt based on (IContentish, IWorkflowDefinition) should this be made more general, i.e. (Interface, IWorkflowDefinition)? Does anyone workflow anything that is not IContentish?

IContentish sounds fine. This can easily be changed later or customized if needed.

* Is depricating getStatusOf, setStatusOf, getHistoryOf desirable? I'm not sure it would serve any particular purpose.

In the long run we want to replace tools by utilities and adapters. After your change these methods are just small wrappers around adapter lookups. I think the recommended pattern should be using the adapters directly, not the tool methods.



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