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> Possibly related: I have often had a desire to be able to annotate or
> extend the FTI. In Plone (and to a lesser degree CMF) we have lots of
> settings that change a portal type's behaviour that are stored in
> various places: versioning settings, markup configuration, workflow
> chains, etc.

I agree that this is important. The FTI is a natural place to store persistent
information about a type, and this pattern is possibly a bit under-appreciated
as we try to use individual local components for type-specific stuff.

Dexterity subclasses the standard FTI to add a few more properties, which is
nice because you get some TTW configurability "for free". Using different FTI
types is relatively non-problematic when we use GS for installation.

I think this is slightly off-topic in this thread, though. :)


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