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CMF 2.1 was released with some formlib based edit forms. I don't think it was a mistake, because at that time z3c.form wasn't available in the Zope 2 world.

It certainly wasn't a mistake in fact I think it was great. To me it seems reasonable at least to try and complete a set of browser views using zope.formlib for CMF 2.2.

We're already using zope.formlib in the "experimental browser views" edit forms. The reference to a sinking ship is totally off- target. My own view is that sometimes it is better to wait for version 2 of a product or library to be released before adoption. Surely Plone has suffered from adopting some stuff too early?
Do what you please. I'm not particularly wedded to one or the other. But having used both, I'm pretty sure that z3c.form is a better library. In many ways, z3c.form *is* version 2 of formlib.

Exactly. z3c.form is a new version of zope.formlib that doesn't care about backwards compatibility. All development is done in z3c.form. Using the picture of a sinking ship: At least the crew has already abandoned the formlib ship. And without crew it will sink sooner or later.

I really don't think the ship metaphor is appropriate - software tends to be around for a lot longer than you expect (hasn't MS only just stopped support for Window 3.11?) but that is probably irrelevant. The questions are probably: do we have any problems with zope.formlib that we know will be solved by using z3c.form? what is the overhead of migrating between the two? So far I'm just really a consumer of the formlib integration in the CMF. I had a brief look at the z3c.form stuff last night and it didn't seem to be radically different from formlib so that a migration shouldn't be too much work. But perhaps for precisely the same reason there is less of a need to migrate. It would certainly be advantageous to have both five.formlib and five.form and it's great that we can expect to have a common basis for the CMF and Plone.

It was always a goal of CMF to minimize dependencies. But Zope became less monolithic, so we have to define the Zope dependency ourselves. It's no longer just the Zope 2 distribution, we have to use separately shipped packages like five.localsitemanager as well. And z3c.form is *the* current Zope package for creating forms.

You've hit on an important point: Zope 2.10 and Zope 2.11 both ship with zope.formlib but things like sitemanager are changing the game and will require more package support so why not bite the bullet?

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