Tres Seaver wrote:
> I would like to get a 1.5 release of GenericSetup out over the holidays.
>  Here is what I have on the roadmap:
>  - Clean up the sphinx docs for the package, incorporating / updating
>    Rob Miller's excellent tutorial on GS (Rob has already blessed the
>    notion).

Great! But why didn't you remove handlers.txt and profiles.txt in 
GenericSetup/doc? AFAICS they are now redundant and outdated.

>  - Make *much* clearer the idea that content export / import should
>    not be treated as part of any "normal" profile, including adding
>    some extra support for doing that task at the application level.
>  - Tidy up any deprecations when running under Python 2.5 (and maybe
>    even 2.6).


> Anyone have other stuff they would like to see in the mix (and can help
> land)?

I recently started using UpgradeSteps and would like to improve the 
"Upgrades" tab. Especially I'd like to implement useful behavior for 
steps that have source/destination versions *and* a checker specified.

Right now the versions are mostly ignored if a checker exist. I'd like 
to evaluate the versions first and use the checker as an additional 
restriction. Also, running a step with checker should not update the 
current version of the profile.

These changes would allow to split upgrades between versions into 
several task centric steps. That gives users more control over the 
upgrade process, doing upgrades step by step or skipping specific steps.

If people agree that this doesn't require a proposal and discussion 
first, I could try to implement this in time for your release.



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