Previously Tres Seaver wrote:
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> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> > Previously Tres Seaver wrote:
> >> Are there open bug reports on such problems?  Also, we might not even
> >> support running on Zope 2.10.x with this release, if it is too painful
> >> to resolve.
> > 
> > I posted to this list earlier today. It is just a matter of changing a
> > few imports, so not painful at all.
> I'm a little puzzled:  you expect to be able to upgrade to a new "major"
> release of GenericSetup (1.4.x -> 1.5.0), but not to pick up a "minor"
> update to Zope (2.10.x -> 2.10.latest)?  Doesn't make much sense to me:
>  if stability matters that much, then don't figure on upgrading products
> to new, possibly incompatible versions.

There is no minor Zope 2.10 release which has these changes.


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